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Active ingredients packaging

As European leader in this field, we offer customized and evolutive solutions to our clients.
Our range of permeable and heat sealable bags have made us the European leader in this field.

Our products have been certified in conformity with the norms DIN 55473 – class A and B, MIL D 3464.

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Liquid filtration

We design innovative and evolutive textile solutions capable of fulfilling the functions requested by your processes.

Our range is comprised of a wide choice of filtered medias available in all types of packaging and dimensions :
• Rolls
• Formats
• Bags

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The challenges are specific, so are our solutions.

We offer you a wide range of sustainable woven and non woven solutions for :

  • Culture pots : products approved for
    Ellepot, Techmek and Heto machines
  • Mulch film with biodegradable PLA
  • Frost protection cover
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If you do not find the ideal solution in our ranges, we will develop one for you.

Thanks to our studies office, we are constantly developing new products with our clients by proposing woven and non woven textiles in the following various fields :

  • Technical coating materials
  • Ballistics
  • Tent/camping