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We carry out a whole set of operations to improve and embellish the treated materials, whilst providing them with the properties you require (appearance, hand-feeling, etc….).


On all types of compositions
Maximum width 320 cm


Flexo printing

  • Design or logo from 1 to 5 colours
  • Maximum width 60 cm

UV Printing

  • Digital printing on UV tracers
  • Maximum width 320 cm

Rotative printing

  • Design or logos from 1 to 5 colours
  • Maximum width 250 cm


Smooth calendering

  • Thermal
  • Maximum width 240 cm

Point calendering

  • Thermal
  • Maximum width 240 cm


To remove the impurities from unbleached fabric or to have a “peach skin” finish
Maximum width 320 cm


Maxi width 320 cm



To improve fabric stability in warp or give a special shine.
Maximum width 320cm


Ultrasonic coating

  • Thermoplastic multilayer coating in rolls
  • Multilayer coating
  • Maximum width 240 cm
  • Maximum diameter 80 cm

Lamination (on any substrate)
In rolls

  • Kinds of film : PU, PE, PP, OPP…
  • Kinds of raw materials : Spunbonded, Foam…

Antiskid packing

  • Dot coating
  • Film


Cutting unit by unit, by press, padding or conveyor belts.
Any sizes up to 160cm wide and 400cm long.

Rolls and stripes
Jumbo rolls slitting by crushing, by knives, by blades or by hot knives. Width (min max) from 10 mm to 3200 mm. Minimum length 25 m. Maximum outside diameter in 120 cm. Maximum outside cutting blades diameter out 90 cm.

Cutting blades
Jumbo rolls slitting. Maximum width in 200 cm.
Minimum width 20 mm. Maximum diameter in 60 cm.

Precut sheets in rolls
Precut length (min max) from 25 cm to 200 cm. Width (min max) from 270 cm max in and up to 7 cm mini out.
Maximum outside diameter in 120 cm. Maximum ouside diameter out 50 cm.



  • Finished or semi-finished products converting
  • Any kinds of materials
  • Stitching
  • Over-lock

Ultrasonic welding

  • Synthetic material converting
  • Ultrasonic seals from 8 mm to 15 mm
  • Customized solutions