Expert hand holding technical fabric fibres illustrated with the SUBRENAT logo, French manufacturer and supplier of customised technical textiles

Quality & Innovation

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Subrenat's commitments. The quality is first guarantor of this satisfaction : an exemplary service, from the first contact to the delivery of durable, innovative, high-performance textiles that perfectly meet the required specifications.



Innovation, optimization of production processes, training, constant search for the best solution and rigorous controls are our guidelines. To guarantee a high level of quality to each customized response to the textile needs of our customers, our teams work every day according to strict processes with a certified quality and regular intern and extern control.



For any specific request for process or usage optimisation, the business expertise of its consulting teams is systematically combined with the textile expertise of its engineers to audit the need:

Subrenat identifies and traces all your products at each stage of the manufacturing process, from the reception of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product

  • The Quality department controls the manufacture of your textiles during and after the factory, this control certificate is established directly in the internal laboratory of Subrenat
  • The quality of service and production of all the trades is regularly controlled, recorded and evaluated on the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Our quality approach continues with after-sales follow-up to evaluate your experience, answer any questions, and support you in your new needs
  • Audits are regularly carried out by the internal quality department and external certification control bodies to confirm the conformity of processes and identify areas for improvement


Subrenat's textile products benefit from labels and certifications that attest to their quality.

Our group continuously monitors, develops and improves all its manufacturing and development activities through internal and external audited processes and procedures.


The CE mark thus demonstrates the conformity of Subrenat textiles with European directives.

The NF certification guarantees tested, proven, high-performance and reliable textile products and services that comply with the requirements defined by the standards and needs of the market.


Even once certified, the services or products, as well as their manufacturing sites, are regularly checked by independent bodies specialised in the sector to guarantee the same level of quality, on a consistent basis.


Subrenat offers many other labels, certifications and ISO standards that guarantee the quality of its products. Contact us to know more.

Internal laboratory


To ensure continuous monitoring and quality throughout the production chain and thus guarantee its customers a textile that meets the required technical characteristics, Subrenat has an internal control and testing laboratory, allowing the issue of conformity certificates at each stage of production.

Tri-axial, cutting (mechanical or laser), binocular magnifier, perforating machine, sieving machine, oven... Subrenat's laboratory is equipped with high-tech machines allowing specific tests to be carried out and tailor-made creations to be made according to the application of the textile, from the research and development phase to the control of the finished product.

Testing and quality control

To ensure the overall quality of its textiles, Subrenat carries out numerous tests and controls on raw materials and finished products.

During the production phase, the laboratory performs various tests on the finished textiles to ensure the integrity of the product with respect to the product specifications required by the customer:

  • Chemical tests (e.g. calculation of fat content or extractable residue content)
  • Physical and mechanical property tests (e.g. weighing, diameter, strength, tension, diameter, opening, geometry, etc.)
  • Geotextile specific tests (dynamic perforation, static perforation, filtration through the media, textile ageing, tri-axial traction, damage)


Innovation and the perpetual search for performance have always been part of Subrenat's DNA.

To guarantee a high level of response to our customers needs, our teams work every day according to strict processes, with certified and regularly checked quality.

 Innovation has enabled our group to anticipate and best meet the needs of our customers for several decades, while also providing a permanent added value in the development of new processes, and more efficient and responsible textiles for our tailor-made solutions.

we planet

WePlanet : our commitment for environment

The environment and social issues are core levers of our innovation policy.


Energy management, waste management, widening the range of eco-designed products: These are used to simplify the life of our customers thanks to an offer of eco-designed products and services, to invent together channels with less impact, we have developed the WePlanet collaborative programme, an international and cross-industry initiative for the development of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile industry.

A collaborative program

WePlanet is a dynamic program, in perpetual co-construction with our customers, teams and partners. Traceability of materials, concrete actions for the environment, search for innovative solutions: it links our suppliers from all over the world, in France, Europe and internationally, and allows us to commit together to a common vision, through the signing of our charter of ethics and the implementation of concrete actions.


We would be happy to involve you in our program, by hearing your feedback, ideas and expectations, in order to act hand in hand for the Planet!

Symbol of the recycling and reuse of textiles promoted by SUBRENAT as part of its eco-responsible programme Bag representing the low carbon packaging and transport pursued under the WePlanet programme Natural fibre symbol of biodiversity defended for the creation of eco-responsible textiles and organic fabrics for professionals

Our goals with WePlanet :


  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities
  • Contain global warming 
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Ever better eco-design of our products and services 
  • Explore possibilities for improving the resources, the packaging, the transport and the product's end of life cycle
  • Support our customers with better managing the end of life of textile products (recycling, reuse, etc.)
  • Work together in a logic of collective intelligence to transform the sectors

She talks about it


“I run a gite on the Camino de Compostela, in Aumont-Aubrac. For two years, I washed my sheets every day between each hiker.

It took me a lot of time but above all a lot of energy, it was hell! Today, with Easytex disposable sheets and pillow protectors and an anti-bedbug cover, I have found the ideal solution for the way I work and, above all, for customer hygiene! This year I will use the Easytex collection service for the first time to limit my waste." 


Annie - Gite Chemin Faisant - Lozère