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The quality of the products of the technical textile industry is controlled by many organizations in charge of certifying their origin and their production process.


Healthy textile for the skin, organic, ecological or GMO-free fabric, recycled fabric, fireproof fabric, anti-static, anti-dust... all these qualities, particularly expected in certain applications of technical textiles, are guaranteed by specific labels and certifications.


But what do those labels and certifications really mean?

What is the difference between labels and certifications ?

A label attests to the legitimacy of a company’s commitment


A label recognizes the commitment of companies or organizations to greater responsibility and sustainability.


It is the guarantee that a company, an organization, a product or a service meets the standards defined by the certifying agency.




A label is a guarantee of transparency


It is also a way to be transparent with its customesr et its network of partners.


Indeed, a label ensures that the values promoted by the company are put into practice.




A label shows recognition by a third-party organization


A label is granted by independent organizations that conduct an audit of a product's manufacturing process to determine its eligibility for a label.


This independence allows the control agency to be objective and impartial and therefore to ensure all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) that the label standards are respected.


In addition, some labels must be renewed every year to ensure that the product or service still meets the criteria of the label and is up to date with the new regulations in force.


What are the ecological labels for textiles?

Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Guarantees the safety of textiles for the consumer

With the Oeko-Tex 100 certification, Subrenat offers you a fabric that is harmless to health or skin, that does not contain any residue of pesticides or heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, this label is also a guarantee of color stability and resistance to washing.

FairTrade - Cotton : Guarantees a fair remuneration and the respect of all the actor of the production chain

Our FairTrade products encourage producer autonomy and ensure some economics, socials, and environnementals guarantees to each level of the production chain.

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) : Guarantees the use of recycled fiber or materials

For our GRS certified products, all de step of the production line have been controlled according to social, environnemental and chemical requirements. In order to be certified, at least 20% of the materials must be recycled.

GOTS Ecocert : Guarantees the safety, the traceability and the organical composition of the textiles

Our GOTS certified textiles are pesticide, chlorine and GMO free. They promote crop rotation to improve soil fertility and guarantee low water consumption.

Want to learn more?

For more information on the technical textile quality labels, contact us and ask for Mrs. Tereza De Oliveira Novais, your CSR manager at Subrenat!

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