Towel manufacturing - Made in France

DECATHLON wanted to develop a 100% made-in-France version of its Nabaiji towel. The group has this kind of international network for this product, but not in France.

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Business case

To meet DECATHLON's needs, we had to be able to manage a 100% made-in-France supply chain, from weaving to product manufacture, at a competitive cost. The brand thus needed a partner to centralize every process in the chain, as well as the associated services (supply of raw materials and consumables, storage, etc.) in France .


Technical constraint

Thus, it was needed to be able to connect the different processes of the sectors to the economic parts. This would enable us to be as economically strong as the manufacturers that are already deeply rooted in the making of the product, while adding the expertise of a made in France product. For this, our experts especially created an automaton to replace the manual production processes, in addition to also relying on our large network of partners in France. 


Creation and manufacturing

Subrenat thus accompanied DECATHLON throughout the development process and the management of the sectors especially with the creation of the automaton. This robot enabled costs to remain at a reasonable price due to doing it doing most processes automatically. From doing the cutting, placing the elastic and the tag, and finally folding the towel, this was economically very advantageous for DECATHLON. 

Caracteristics Flèche pointant vers le bas

-        Microfiber towels

-        Production process entirely in France

-        Sports related or beach use

Simple usage and compact strorage

Developped for Flèche pointant vers le bas

Finished products sold by Decathlon

Declination Flèche pointant vers le bas

Possible colour and material varieties (recycled materials or masse dyeing)

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