synthetic non-woven substrate for sealing resin
Illustration of the construction market for liquid waterproofing support with SUBRENAT's technical textile (waterproofing strips, waterproofing rolls, etc.)


Synthetic non-woven substrate for waterproofing resin

The application of resin or construction coatings requires a specific range of synthetic nonwovens to provide a suitable substrate and ensure a perfect final seal.

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Business case

Our customers are looking for substrates that allow easy application, good absorption of coatings and which perfectly match the application surfaces.

synthetic non-woven substrate for sealing resin

Technical constraints

Example of technical constraints:

  • Easy application on walls and in corners (need to follow the shapes)
  • Good absorption of resin and plaster
  • Easy to handle rolls on construction site
  • Homogeneity of the veil
  • Customisation of the product
synthetic non-woven substrate for sealing resin

Design and manufacture of the textile

Example :

  • Crossed spunlace / Polyester needlepunched
  • Stocks of different weights
  • Widths on request
  • Printable products

Materials and finishes Flèche pointant vers le bas

Crossed spunlace / Polyester needlepunched

Standards Flèche pointant vers le bas

REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC

EN 13432 : 2000 standards

California Proposition 65

Adapted for Flèche pointant vers le bas

Construction & Public Works


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We work every day to comply with the most demanding technical constraints of building insulation professionals, and supply market leaders with high-performance, easy-to-use polyester nonwovens (spunlace or needlepunched) to provide essential support for their waterproofing systems.

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