3D textile fibre illustrating SUBRENAT solutions for the creation of customised textile applications

Customized packaging

Non-woven fabrics designed for transport and protection

For parts that are sensitive to dust, scratches, humidity, etc. Subrenat relies on its complete range of nonwovens and on its international network of confectioners to develop your custom packaging according to your deadlines and quantities.

We demand the best for your custom packaging

Illustration of the SUBRENAT market for custom made technical fabrics for industy and home textile Anti-scratch Moisture resistant Approved for direct food contact Recyclable Resistant Possible treatment: Anti-UV, Anti-static, Color Internal prototyping

Ranges and examples of textile applications

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Most requested technical properties

Pictogram for the anti-static (ESD) packaging offered by SUBRENAT for the customised packaging of products


Pictogram for the scratch-resistant packaging offered in SUBRENAT's customised packaging solutions


Pictogramme designating tarpaulins, mulch cloth and wintering sails that are UV resistant


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3D fibre illustrating the research, development, creation and manufacture of customised textile applications for SUBRENAT customers

Why choose Subrenat for your customized packaging ?

Textile expert holding a roll of technical fabric in a design office where SUBRENAT's customised textile applications are created

Designers of custom-made technical textiles for over 85 years, quality and innovation have always been the core of our commitments.

Pictogram representing the SUBRENAT support in the definition of textile projects: specifications, quotation, follow-up, after-sales service...

Your project accompanied from A to Z

Pictogram representing the quality control carried out on all stages of the production of SUBRENAT textiles

Quality control at every step

Pictogram representing the stocks of textiles that can be mobilised quickly, reserved for SUBRENAT customers

Your dedicated and rapidly available stocks

Pictogram representing the 95% guaranteed fast delivery to date for SUBRENAT textile orders

95% guaranteed delivery to date

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