A roll of filter media through which liquid flows in an industriel filtration machine - a product created and supplied by Subrenat

Industrial filtration

High performance textiles for all types of liquid filtration

For the filtration of your coarse and fine particles, Subrenat designs efficient, high-flow filtration media that can be adapted to your machines.

Viscose, polypropylene, polyester non-woven filter media: for optimum performance, we adapt our range of filter media to your processes and needs.

We demand the best for your filter media

Illustration of the SUBRENAT technical fabrics market for industrial filtration Fine to coarse particles Fine to coarse particles Low clogging High flow rate of fluid through the media Custom cut to size Adapted mechanical resistance Chemical compatibility of the media

Uses of our filter media

Our custom-made creations

Spunbond non-woven  filter media from subrenat's textile solutions and applications for industiral filtration in a filtering machine

Hydrophilic polypropylene for cutting oil filters

Our textile solutions are designed for your business.

Mechanical industry

For the mechanical, metallurgical or manufacturing industries, especially those using robotic machining, our textiles provide filtration solutions for machine maintenance and production efficiency.

-          PP: high strength - for complete cooling of cutting oil

-          Filters for process water

-          Plate filter

Food industry

For the food industry, our filters are particularly suitable for the filtration and cooling of cooking oils (French fries, French fries, etc.).

-          Viscose: for the filtration of frying liquid

-          PP: high resistance - for complete oil cooling

-          PET: high resistance - for all types of cooling

Water treatment

For water treatment plants and systems, we offer chemically compatible filters designed for optimal flow and filtration efficiency of your process water.

-          PET: high strength - for all types of cooling

-          Viscose: for coolant absorption

-          PP HY: hydrophilic PP developed for water cooling processes

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Most requested technical properties

Pictogram designating a textile media for industrial filters ( solids, sludge, oil ... ) with very high filtration efficiency

Filtration efficiency

Pictogram deisgnating a high performance industrial filter offering high flow through the media

High flow rate

Pictogram for a high tensile an prehensile textile of th filter medium

High resistance

Materials and finishes flèche pointant vers le bas

Polypropylene (PP)




Viscose Food grade


Latex free

BPA free

Phthalate free

ISO standards and processes flèche pointant vers le bas

NF EN 29073-3

NF EN ISO 9073-15

NF EN ISO 9073-2

NF EN 29073-1

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Spunbond non-woven  filter media from subrenat's textile solutions and applications for industiral filtration in a filtering machine

Why choose Subrenat for your industrial filtration textiles?

Textile expert holding a roll of technical fabric in a design office where SUBRENAT's customised textile applications are created

Designers of custom-made technical textiles for over 85 years, quality and innovation have always been the core of our commitments.


 We work every day to meet the technical constraints of the most demanding industries, and supply the food and metallurgical industries with custom-made technical filters that are essential for maintaining their production: filtration of cooking oils in the food industry, filtration of particles for water purification, filtration of cutting oils for robots in the metallurgical industry, separation of sludge for recycling and treatment of water in farming or breeding, filtration of aluminum on rolls....

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Your project accompanied from A to Z

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Quality control at every step

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Your dedicated and rapidly available stocks

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95% guaranteed delivery to date

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