Household linen from SUBRENAT solutions and applications for home textiles: mattresses, duvet covers/pillows, seat cushions, etc.

Comforters and pillows

High-performance textiles adapted to all fillings

Comforters, pillows, mattress toppers, our offers meet the needs of communities and the general public. Subrenat designs, manufactures and distributes textile solutions adapted to all sleeping environments.

In rolls, semi made up or ready to fill, we offer comforter covers and pillows in different compositions,such as white, dyed or printed. Our Weplanet labeled products complete this environmentally friendly offer.

We demand the best for your comforter and pillow textiles

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Products and examples of textile applications

Our custom-made creations

Household linen from SUBRENAT solutions and applications for home textiles: mattresses, duvet covers/pillows, seat cushions, etc.

M1/B1/Wheelmark flame retardant fabric for communities and marine use

Our textile solutions are designed for your business.

Hotel industry

Adapted to the reception conditions in the hotel industry, our textiles are comfortable, rigorously certified against fire risks and easy to clean.

  •  Creation of comfortable bedding for hotels
  •  Cushions, anti-bacterial and flame retardant mattresses
  •  Hotel furnishings

Medical care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)

For the needs of home textiles in medical care facilities, our textile range is designed for optimal hygiene, ease of cleaning and comfort.

  • Antibacterial and Oeko-Tex certified textiles
  • Eco-responsible range that is healthy for the skin
  • Cushions, mattresses, covers... stable and easy to clean

Barracks and Prisons

For the bedding and furnishing needs of secure collective accommodation, our range includes textiles designed for safety, hygiene and ease of cleaning.

  • Stable, resistant and easy-to-clean textiles
  • Cushions, mattresses, flame retardant bedding
  • Bedding and furnishings for dormitories and cells

Student residences

Faced with the hardships and risks of student life in a community, our range is ideal for providing comfort and hygiene, while protecting the place from fire hazards.

  • Creation of comfortable bedding for student housing
  • Cushions, mattresses flame retardant and antibacterial
  • Furnishing of student residences
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Most requested technical properties

Pictogram designating the M1 certification, fireproof standard for fireproof textiles

Flame retardant

Pictogram for a breathable substrate that allows good air circulation in duvet and pillow textiles


Pictogram for a textile designed by Subrenat for exemplary dimensional stability of th e fabric

Dimensional stability

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Recycled cotton

BCI cotton

Gots Organic Cotton

Max Havelaer fair trade cotton



Recycled Polyester GRS




Mixed fibres

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Anti dust mite

Anti bedbug

Flame retardant


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Household linen from SUBRENAT solutions and applications for home textiles: mattresses, duvet covers/pillows, seat cushions, etc.

Why choose Subrenat for your home and interior textiles?

Textile expert holding a roll of technical fabric in a design office where SUBRENAT's customised textile applications are created

Designers of custom-made technical textiles for over 85 years, quality and innovation have always been the core of our commitments.


We work every day to meet the challenges of the most demanding managers in terms of safety and comfort of their establishment: our textiles supply hotels and experts in bedding and furnishing every day.

With the WePlanet range, we are also suppliers of a tailor-made offer of eco-responsible textiles, certified Oeko-Tex, GOTS and Eco-Cert GRS, to associate health, ecology and comfort in all your textile needs.

Pictogram representing the SUBRENAT support in the definition of textile projects: specifications, quotation, follow-up, after-sales service...

Your project accompanied from A to Z

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Quality control at every step

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Your dedicated and rapidly available stocks

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95% guaranteed delivery to date

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