SUBRENAT agrotextiles for crop protection with winter sails
Illustration of the agrotextile market for agricultural applications of SUBRENAT's technical fabrics (wintering sails, mulching fabric, etc.)


Winter sails for crops

The transport of wide-width winter sails with welding does not allow optimal loading in the truck. The Subrenat teams have worked on improving the folding to facilitate transport without affectig use.

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Business case

Concerning the winter and forcing veils in large widths with welds (from 4.25 m to 28.50 m) in rolls of 250 m, a problem arose regarding the size of these rolls. Indeed, the rolls were too wide to optimally load the trucks and therefore have competitive transport costs and this made it also difficult to handle during unloading and installation by the user.

SUBRENAT agrotextiles for crop protection with winter sails

Technical constraints

The constraint was to find the best way to make rolls of large widths folded and rolled in order to obtain in the end a roll of minimum width.

It was necessary to define the best way possible to fold the veil without damage and allowing easy unfolding and installation by the user.

SUBRENAT agrotextiles for crop protection with winter sails

Design and manufacture of textile

Our teams worked with our supplier to find the technical solution to fold and roll the veil to obtain rolls of 160 cm of width, whether it be for rolls of 4.25 m or 28.50 m of width.

The loading of the trucks has therefore been optimised and handling and installation are also easier.

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PP veil 17 g/m²
PP veil 19 g/m² 
PP veil 23 g/m²
PP veil 30 g/m²

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UV treatment

Adapted or Flèche pointant vers le bas

Agriculture / Outdoor crops

Horticulture / Vegetable growing in greenhouses

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