Glamping tent designed in SUBRENAT outdoor fabric for the design, comfort and durability of luxury camping
Illustration of the camping and outdoor fabrics market for the applications camping / glamping / caravane of the SUBRENAT's technical textiles (tent fabrics, awnings...)

ACHIEVEMENT CUSTOM TEXTILES - Camping & Outdoor fabrics

CAMP420 PC2.i tent for glamping

Actors in the world of Glamping are looking for a fabric for tents dedicated to being outdoors all year round.

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Business case

Following rise of the GLAMPING market, many customers have turned to Subrenat to meet the specifications of their high-end fabrics. This mode of luxurious accommodation requires robust and aesthetic fabrics that resist weather conditions over several years.

Glamping tent designed in SUBRENAT outdoor fabric for the design, comfort and durability of luxury camping

Technical constraints

Since these products are used for several months in a row, they require several technical properties to remain the same over time: 


Example of technical constraints:

  • Sufficiant water colum
  • Maintenance of mechanical properties of tension and tearing
  • Colour resistance to UV
  • Waterproof sealing
  • Mold proof with the correct care conditions
  • Easy to handle
  • Breathable
  • Available quickly, with a personalized color
Glamping tent designed in SUBRENAT outdoor fabric for the design, comfort and durability of luxury camping

Textile design and manufacture

Our team of engineers has developed a textile solution based on Polyester Cotton yarns that combine robustness and aesthetics. The choice of spinning and technical weaving technologies allows us to guarantee optimal waterproofing while maintaining a "natural" appearance of the textile and its durability over time. We verify, in our laboratory, that these fabrics meet the quality standards of this high-end market.


Example :

  • Choice of material: Polyester Cotton, to provide breathability (cotton) and robustness (polyester)
  • Canvas armor to optimize robustness and waterproofness
  • Work with our partners to find a treatment formulation offering the best mold proof and waterproof performance

ISO standards and processes Flèche pointant vers le bas

Colour durability: ISO 105 B04

Mechanical resistance: ISO 13934 / 13937

Water column: EN ISO 811

Regulations Flèche pointant vers le bas

REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC 

EN 13432 : 2000 standards 

California Proposition 65

Adapted for Flèche pointant vers le bas

Open air hotels

Tailor-made products 

Our other achievements in camping fabrics and outdoor fabrics

Textile sample of a Subrenat water-repallent fabric created for coating water-repellent UV blinds

Water repellent, flame retardant, anti-fungal fabric

Are you interested in glamping tents?

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We work every day to meet the most demanding technical requirements of outdoor experts: creators of camping tents, semi-permanent individual or group accommodation, original luxury tents for glamping, protective tarpaulins, anti-UV awnings for caravans... with an offer of resistant outdoor fabrics and textile solutions designed for comfort and durability.

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