Textile sample of a Subrenat water-repallent fabric created for coating water-repellent UV blinds
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Water repellent, flame retardant, anti-fungal fabric for outdoor use

In the camping and outdoor world, it is essential to offer textiles that are both technical and aesthetic.

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Business case

One of our clients had encountered a technical problem with his fabrics. The occasional condensation caused a formation of deposits on the surface of the canvases. This altered the aesthetics and the client questioned the possible toxicity of these deposits.

Textile sample of a Subrenat water-repallent fabric created for coating water-repellent UV blinds

Technical constraints

We have requested a sample of the fabrics on which this phenomenon occured to analyse in our internal laboratory. After analysis, it turned out that the flame retardant treatment on the fabrics was the cause of this deposit formation. We have then developed a new formulation of flame retardant treatment that is not sensitive to humidity and condensation.

Textile sample of a Subrenat water-repallent fabric created for coating water-repellent UV blinds

Design and manufacture of the textile

The development of this new treatment was carried out in collaboration with our network of partners in the production sector. We tested several formulations of flame retardant treatments until we found the balance between water repellency and flame retardance. After several months of research, this last solution has enabled us to come up with a solution adapted to cotton and polycotton fabrics for the camping and glamping markets, all the while still respecting different flame retardant standards.

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