Blue fabric from SUBRENAT textile solutions and applications for clothing: pocketing, garment creation, made in france, linings...

Clothing Textiles

Robust textile solutions for the creation of pockets and linings

Jeans, uniforms, professional clothing, clothing is a historical expertise of Subrenat. Discover a range of products adapted to the most rigorous specifications for the creation of trouser pockets (pocketing), linings, and technical fabrics for professional clothing.

We demand the best for your clothes

Illustration of the SUBRENAT's  technical fabrics market for clothing (pocketing, linings, textile factory for Made in France clothing...) Strict respect of the specifications Resistance to wear and tear Handling of the textile Oeko-Tex cotton Fast delivery times Negotiated prices Customization

Products and examples of textile applications

Our textile solutions are designed for your business.

Trouser manufacturers


For trouser manufacturers, we offer suitable textiles for the design of high-quality add-ons:

  • Classic pants pocket (pocketing)
  • Pocketing for jeans (pocketing)
  • Creation of lining (dress, skirt...)

Tailors & Couturiers


For designers and craftsmen, we offer textiles adapted to the design of new clothes:

  • Sewing pattern
  • Classic pants pocket (pocketing)
  • Jeans pants pocket (pocketing)
  • Creation of lining (dress, skirt...)
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Most requested technical properties

Pictogram designating the creation by Subrenat of tailored solutions for professional clothing.

Custom cutting

Pictogram designating the creation by SUBRENAT of primers for clothing and clothing professionals


Pictogram designating the creation of very resistant clothe and pocket by Subrenat

Fabric strength

Materials and finishes flèche pointant vers le bas




Ecru, Black, White

Leached (Decatized)

Otic white

Other on request

Medium / Soft Primer


Stabilization if 100% cotton composition

ISO standards and processes flèche pointant vers le bas

NF EN 12127

NF EN 13937-1

NF EN 1773

NF EN ISO 13934-2

NF EN ISO 13938-1

NF EN ISO 5077

NF ISO 2959

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Blue fabric from SUBRENAT textile solutions and applications for clothing: pocketing, garment creation, made in france, linings...

Why choose Subrenat for your pockets, linings, pattern cloths and workwear ?

Textile expert holding a roll of technical fabric in a design office where SUBRENAT's customised textile applications are created

Designers of custom-made technical textiles for over 85 years, quality and innovation have always been the core of our commitments.


We work with the leading designers of pants (classic and denim) and workwear to design and provide them with proven textile solutions that meet the most demanding specifications.

Quality, respect of deadlines, solidity: our monitoring and control processes guarantee you a constant quality of your deliverables, for a reasonable price and a guaranteed comfort.

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Your project accompanied from A to Z

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Quality control at every step

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Your dedicated and rapidly available stocks

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95% guaranteed delivery to date

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