Tea bags from SUBRENAT textile fabrics, solutions & applications suitable for food contact for the creation of food packaging

Food packaging

Packaging textiles for direct food contact

For food packaging, Subrenat offers a range of PLA and PBS nonwovens, heat-sealable textile solutions that are healthy, eco-responsible, GMO-free and approved for direct food contact.

We demand the best for your food packaging textiles

Illustration of the food packaging market for SUBRENAT technical fabrics (PLA, ecological food packaging, compostable...) Industrially compostable Approved for direct food contact Heat sealable Ultrasonically weldable Water and air permeable Resistant to humidity GMO free

Products and examples of textile applications

Our custom-made creations

Heat-sealed coffee capsule thanks to the seal proposed by Subrenat which allows the assembly of the lid and the capsule

Compostable coffee capsules in PLA

Our textile solutions are designed for your business.

Food industry

For professionals looking for healthy, compostable and degradable solutions to accompany their organic and natural products, our PLA textiles are adaptable to their packaging needs for both dry and wet products.

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Most requested technical properties

Pictogram indicating that subrenat packaging textiles are suitable for food contact

Certified for direct food contact

Pictogram designating a textile which is industrially compostable for companies looking for degradable and ecological products

Industrially compostable

Pictogram for thermally or ultrasonically weldable packaging fabric

heat or ultrasonic weldable

Materials and finishes flèche pointant vers le bas

Polylactic Acid - PLA (corn starch)

Polybutilene succinate (PBS)




ISO standards and processes flèche pointant vers le bas

Compostable EN 13432 (PLA)


Regulation (EC) n° 1935/2004

Regulation (EU) n° 10/2011 as amended by 2018/831

EU Regulation 1169/2011 (PLA)

Directive EU 94/62/EC (PLA)

GMO free

REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC

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Tea bags from SUBRENAT textile fabrics, solutions & applications suitable for food contact for the creation of food packaging

Why choose Subrenat for your PLA, PBS and PHA food textiles?

Textile expert holding a roll of technical fabric in a design office where SUBRENAT's customised textile applications are created

Designers of custom-made technical textiles for over 85 years, quality and innovation have always been the core of our commitments.


Offering food packaging that respects the environment and people is a priority for our research and development teams. This is why we select healthy materials, from an eco-responsible production, in order to comply with the most demanding constraints of the food industry.


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Your project accompanied from A to Z

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Quality control at every step

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Your dedicated and rapidly available stocks

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95% guaranteed delivery to date

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