Founded in 1937, SUBRENAT designs, manufactures and sells textile solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow: custom-made, durable, innovative and value-creating textiles.


Today, SUBRENAT offers innovative textile solutions in France and abroad thanks to its network of 1,000 partners based mainly in Asia, North Africa and Europe.


Through its specialized teams in R&D, sales and marketing, logistics and quality control, SUBRENAT provides adaptable solutions to needs already identified on 10 major markets. 



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Easytex is a brand of Subrenat group which is a main actor of textile solutions since 1937.


Easytex was born to answer a growing problem encountered by professional (hotels, campings, lodgings, etc.) or private hosts (Non-professional furnished renter, Airbnb renters, second home owners, etc.) : the management of bedding !


As a result, Easytex has set itself the goal of making everyday life easier for accommodation providers with bedding solutions that are washable, reusable or changeable at each customer rotation.

In addition to this product offer, Easytex provides its customers with a wide range of services:

  • Product customisation (logo packaging, customised kits and packs)
  • Professional advice
  • Collection and recycling/recovery service for your used products
  • Customised delivery



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Dooderm belongs to Subrenat group sonce 2016. The brand offers a collection of underwear, nightwear and accessories Made in France, healthy, from natural fibers and antibacterial to respect, protect and soothe the sensitive skin of the whole family.


An ideal solution to soothe skin attacked by cold, pollution, stress, perspiration, or certain chemicals that often cause allergies, skin irritations (redness, itching, patches, ...) and can even lead to eczema.

Dooderm products are made entirely in France, without any chemical treatment or dyeing.

Dooderm products have been designed entirely in France, without any chemical treatment and without any dyeing. This super textile results from the association of the benefits of 2 noble fibers: the silver thread naturally antibacterial and a high quality cotton appreciated for its softness and its great resistance.

The antibacterial properties of DOODERM textiles are guaranteed by a certified control laboratory.



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