Our teams at the Index 2023 in Geneva

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From April 18 to 21, 2023, our teams were present at Index 2023 in Geneva. This major event brought together professionals from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and trends in nonwovens.

We took the opportunity to present our range of "ok compost" certified textiles, a certification recognized worldwide for its compliance with the strictest compostability standards. Visitors to the show were able to discuss the quality and durability of Subrenat's products, as well as their environmental impact.

In addition to presenting the "ok compost" range of textiles, we also introduced potential future products with the "ok home compost" label. This certification not only guarantees that the products are compostable in an industrial environment, but also in a home composter.

At Subrenat, we are convinced of the need to commit to a more sustainable textile industry and continue to develop innovative and eco-responsible products to meet the growing concerns of consumers.

The Index 2023 show was a success for Subrenat, we were delighted to meet industry professionals from around the world and share its vision for a more sustainable future. The company looks forward to continuing to work with its partners and customers to create a greener, more planet-friendly future.