Renewal of Fairtrade certification : Our commitment to responsible textiles


Logo Fairtrade Cotton, certifying that subrenat cotton comes is fair trade and remunerative for the producer



We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Fairtrade certification for a further 5 years. This certification is the result of 12 years of continuous commitment to sustainable, ethical and responsible practices.


The textile industry faces many challenges in terms of working conditions and environmental impact. However, we believe it is our duty to do things differently and to contribute to this change.




The Fairtrade label


Fairtrade certification is an internationally recognised label which guarantees consumers that products bearing this label have been produced according to high standards of social and environmental responsibility. By renewing this certification, we are reaffirming our commitment to workers' rights, environmental protection and trade promotion.





Subrenat's commitment


These certification renewals are important elements in our WePlanet approach towards a more responsible and sustainable textile industry.

We are aware that the road is long and that there is still much to do, but we are determined to continue innovating, collaborating with our partners and exploring new practices to advance our CSR commitment.

By renewing our Fairtrade certification, we are affirming our conviction that it is possible for the textile industry to play a greater role in social and environmental progress.



Thank you to our teams and partners for their support and confidence. This commitment to ethical and sustainable products is essential if we are to move our industry forward and create a positive impact on a large scale.




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