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ACHIEVEMENTS CUSTOM TEXTILES - Packaging of active materials

Packaging of liquids in PE Polyester

Specialists in bagging for industry must guarantee their customers a seal that is completely leak-proof against corrosive or coloured liquids while allowing for optimal adsorption.

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Business case

Our customer request is to develop a heatsealable and moisture or gas absorbent material but water or slurry proof to pack calcium chloride or potassium permanganate. It’s indeed mandatory to the bag producers to guarantee their customer a seal fully hermetic to any corrosive leaking and coloured potassium permanganate, keeping an efficient adsorption.


Technical constraints

The difficulty was to develop a high seal strength laminate, offering high breathability to help quick moisture or gas absorption, a full barrier to any liquids with smooth surface to have a better printability

In addition, the product had to be weldable, opaque and food compliant.


Design and manufacture of the textile

Our teams have designed the required textile with a complex of a 100% Polyester non-woven laminated by bonding (permanganate compatible) with a 100% Polyethylene breathable membrane

Materials Flèche pointant vers le bas

Complex of a 100% Polyester nonwoven laminated by bonding (permanganate compatible) with a 100% Polyethylene breathable membrane

Finishes Flèche pointant vers le bas



Compliant with food standards

Adapted Flèche pointant vers le bas

Specialists in bagging for industry

Certifications textile

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