Machine and fibres representing the range of applications in technical textiles & fabrics, clothing textiles and home textiles offered by SUBRENAT

Have your linens produced by home textile experts

As creators and manufacturers of home textiles, we weave high-performance linens designed for individual and collective comfort: textiles that combine dimensional stability, safety, health and responsibility. 

From the first price to the top of the range, our solutions are designed for all types of natural or synthetic fillings (feathers, down, sheep's wool, seeds, polyester fibres, etc.), and for the reception of the public (M1 flame retardant, controlled permeability, dimensional stability, easy maintenance, etc.).

High-performance and durable, our textiles are rigorously controlled throughout the production chain, for optimum comfort and quality.

For eco-responsible producers, hotel textiles for starred establishments and manufacturers of luxury bedding and furnishings, we also offer ranges of luxury textiles, organic fabrics, Oeko-TEX, and made in France.

Whether you are looking for a French textile wholesaler with mobilisable stocks, a textile supplier for your hotel or hospital linen, a textile manufacturing plant in France for household linen, a textile workshop for small production runs or a design office for designing your household linen to your specifications, we can meet your needs and requirements.

Creation of home textiles

3D fibre illustrating the research, development, creation and manufacture of customised textile applications for SUBRENAT customers
Illustration of the SUBRENAT technical fabrics market for home (manufacturer of household linen, duvet covers and pillows, seat cushions, mattresses...)
Because the textile needs of companies are constantly evolving, Subrenat experts and engineers support your innovations and processes by ensuring the design and production of your customised textiles, in France and abroad.