Machine and fibres representing the range of applications in technical textiles & fabrics, clothing textiles and home textiles offered by SUBRENAT

We manufacture technical textiles and fabrics designed for your business

As designers and manufacturers of technical textiles and fabrics, we provide you with high-performance solutions tailored to your expertise.

Whether you are looking for a textile wholesaler with mobilisable stocks, a textile supplier to customise, reproduce or replace a product reference with an equivalent textile, a textile manufacturing plant to supply you, a manufacturing workshop for small series or a design office to design your textile on the basis of your specifications, we can offer you both tailor-made and turnkey textile solutions designed for your needs and requirements on the ground;

Each solution is the result of years of experience and customer satisfaction with experts in your industry.

Created for your business applications (UV resistant, M1 fire resistant, compostable, customisable, heat sealable, breathable, hydrophobic, water repellent, waterproof, absorbent...), our textiles are durable, certified and rigorously controlled throughout the production chain, for optimum comfort and quality.

Creation of customised technical textiles

3D fibre illustrating the research, development, creation and manufacture of customised textile applications for SUBRENAT customers
Illustration of the SUBRENAT market for custom made technical fabrics for industy and home textile
Because the textile needs of companies are constantly evolving, Subrenat experts and engineers support your innovations and processes by ensuring the design and production of your customised textiles, in France and abroad.

Our textiles and technical fabrics by business